Usage Rules

As a user of CUTTUS's services, you should commit not to create shortened URLs that:

  • Link to malicious content (phishing, viruses, trojans, adwares or any other kind or form of malware).
  • Are used in commercial emails or unsolicited advertising (SPAM) no matter how or where.
  • Link to any form or any kind of pornography, nudity or homosexuality website/content.
  • Redirect to content that offend the community or breach the low (religions, copyrights.. etc).

We are totally strict toward above mentioned terms. No Negotiations will follow an infraction!!

Spam Policy

Like any other URL Shortening service, CUTTUS short links might be used included in SPAMs or to point to malicious content. We take this misuse very seriously and make every possible effort to prevent it.

Below are some of the points we apply on our system to help keep a clean service:

  • We check all our links against various blacklists such as SURBL. We do continuous regular checks to keep our database clean.
  • Users aren't allowed to change Shortened URLs' destinations once they've been created. This prevents spammers who might link to real content at first and then to malicious content.
  • For an easy Abuse Reporting we have developed a very smart and simple system. When a link is reported, it will be marked automatically and immediately as potentially harmful by the system, a bold and very clear warning will be displayed to users along with the destination link before they are redirected to any marked URL till we manually check the reported links and take proper action toward them (suspend them for example).
    In addition, reports of any kind of abuse or violation can be also sent to our abuse email address: abuse[AT]
  • To help societies that fight spam, we will be RSS Feeding discovered spam links within the last 45 days, Also a weekly updated list of all flagged spam links in our database will be available for download as SQL dump or as simple text.
  • We have a BlackList of our own, whenever a link was shortened and then was suspended due to violation, users will never be able to shorten that link again. In some cases, Black Listing might be applicable on domains as well, not only URLs.
  • In very most cases, We don't shorten URLs that redirect to another URLs (like short URLs created by other services), but instead we shorten the final destination link after applying necessary and regular check. This is against one of the Spammers' tricks (creating chains of redirecting links).

Rejection, Removal and Modification of URLs

  • We have the right to reject URLs when they are being submitted or later, remove, suspend or modify shortened URLs if they violate our ToS for any reason.
  • As mentioned, Users cannot delete created short links neither modify their destinations.

Warranty of Service

  • We are providing a totally free service for public, hence CUTTUS and whom is operating it, are not liable nor responsible for any kind of loss or problems you might suffer due to using the service. This includes (but not limited to) losses in the event that the service stops working, unavailable, functioning improperly or slowly, suffers data loss, or any other technical or non technical issue.
  • Our shortened URLs may redirect to any webpage. You should follow them at your own risk and CUTTUS is not responsible or liable for content displayed on the target webpage.
  • If you suspected a CUTTUS Short URL to be harmful, you can check where it redirects by viewing that Short URL's stats page simply by adding ( ! ) or ( ~ ) after the short link (thus the link will look like this:! -OR- ).

Violation to our Terms of Service

If a violation to our ToS is committed, we may disable some or all shortened URLs created by the abusers or prevent them from using our services temporarily or permanently.

We hate spam, abhor Spammers..!!

If our service happens to serve spam links, we CUTTUS have no connection or relationship with the spammers. You are requested to kindly report them to us if you noticed such links.